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Reviews and Interviews

My journey as a writer continued this week with two reviews and one newspaper interview. It is strange to think I’ve managed to complete a reasonable number of years without really experiencing either such ‘public’ revelations. My life as a teacher has not really prepared me for broadcasted critiques. Although, one might argue, that spending 32 years standing in front of rather critical teenagers surely has been adequate preparation but I assure you it has not. I have obviously braved several professional evaluations with a number of my colleagues and heads of department appraising my professional competence but none of these are, of course, for public consumption. I’m not counting ‘rate my teacher’ here. But when you become an author your work, and to some extent you, are open to both expert and amateur evaluation. Which is the nature of the business!

We are also in a time of rampant dissemination of information. Once one acquiesces to a ‘review process’ by any form of media the product does not just become buried in a limited readership print text but becomes available to all through a general internet search. In fact a few amusing hours were spent seeking how many newspaper websites ran the review that was published in The Canberra Times.

So for better or for worse not only is the book out there but the critical reviews as well. I must say I have been absolutely thrilled by the positive evaluation of What Remains and I look forward to reaching a wider audience with subsequent books.

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