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Books by Tracey Lee

What Remains Book - Tracey P Lee
Lily O'Hara Mystery #1 - What Remains | Tracey P Lee
Lily O'Hara Mystery
What Remains

Lily O'Hara lives on Lake Road and has ignored the past for as long as possible. 

Her parents and brother were gone before she was a year old and she was raised by her father's siblings, Billie and Darcy. Her father's suicide and the disappearance of her mother and brother were never spoken about. But when the bones of a woman and child were found in the dried lake outside her home, Lily could no longer avoid searching for the truth. 

She brings her skills as a curator to uncover what happened using the artefacts left behind by her dead relatives. 

Wither Book - Tracey P Lee
Lily O'Hara Mystery #1 - Wither | Tracey P Lee
Lily O'Hara Mystery

Wither, book two in the Lily O'Hara series, explores the power of the monster hiding in plain sight. A power afforded him by the power of others. 

Lily O'Hara faces the pain of buried pasts. She is no stranger to delving into secrets and is drawn to the unknown story of a young fisherman who takes his life and leave a cryptic message about the truth killing him.

Max Fraser, best friend of her husband Phillip, received the letter and asks Lily to help him decipher it and come to understand what precipitated the suicide. 

Lily O'Hara Mystery

Released December 2023

Welter is the third book in the Lily O'Hara Mystery series. Lily O'Hara and Mick Flynn unite to explore another local tragedy on the South Coast of NSW.

On New Year's Day a young woman's body is found on a quiet beach. Her mother is devastated and denies the coroner's finding that her child died from misadventure.

Despite her personal losses Lily immerses herself in the case. In her search she encounters a complex group of young people who have both loved and loathed the dead girl. Lily is seen as a saviour to some and a danger to others. 

The price of knowledge and the cost of love are always high.

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