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R-U Okay day (8 Sept) and World Suicide Prevention Day (10 Sept)

You know the statistics and like me some of you will know the agony of losing someone through suicide. Awareness is integral and courage is essential. Do not hesitate to ask a friend, family member, young person or colleague if they are okay if your gut is telling you that something is wrong. It may be the question that tells a person who is contemplating suicide that someone cares enough to notice.

We are fortunate enough to be living in a society where we are encouraged to talk about mental wellbeing and mental health and yet in the last few years every twelve months over 2000 Australians have taken their own lives and it is estimated that 65 000 people attempt.

If I could I would turn back the clock I would ask those I’ve taught and family members who took their lives, to stay. Stay with us.

When a family member took his life many years ago, I spent a significant part of the grieving process trying to overcome two prevalent emotions; anger and regret. I regretted not asking the question during the final phone call I had with him if he was thinking about suicide. I think I was too afraid to ask. I could say I was busy raising my own family, the pressures of moving interstate, the complexities of trying to work and be a mother; but I really think I was too cowardly to put that question to him. It’s a mistake I don’t make now. I ask. It scares the hell out me and I do it anyway. Because the anger and sadness that stayed with me for a long time taught me one valuable lesson. I want to let people who are thinking about suicide know that I care enough to put my fear away and ask them to think again; to have that conversation that shows that I will listen and I will act. I will ask them to stay.

Suicide is not a nice subject. For some of us it is incomprehensible. But it is a reality that can best be faced and overcome when we act together. The alternative is loss.

There are some wonderful organisations that are spreading the message of hope and support to those contemplating suicide, surviving or supporting people with mental health issues. Please make the effort to read all you can, share on Facebook, host an event to raise money or simply open up a conversation about R-U Okay Day, World Suicide Prevention Day, Revolution Red Campaign and Mental Health Week.

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